A Month in Retrospect: Back on Keto


I made a decision on July 3rd to return back to a ketogenic diet. A bit over a year before the pandemic started I had gotten into a health kick and had managed to lose around 85 lbs. Once COVID started rearing its head, I had fallen off the wagon in more than one way.

Upon starting this journey, I was seeing myself at around 315 lbs. I’ll be the first to admit that is the heaviest I have ever been in my life. While a lot of things have certainly improved over the past year, I hadn’t done much to improve my weight.

I am currently writing this at day 37 back on keto and at 297 lbs. While some of that weight loss was definitely water weight, that probably only accounts for around half of the weight lost. I have definitely started to see some major benefits by returning to a keto diet and restricting my calories.

Keto is the one diet that seems to jive with my philosophy while also giving me the energy to get a lot of things done. My work performance has definitely increased as a result of it and I am finding myself willing to actually partake in physical activities. Over my vacation I actually managed to get on the DDR pad to get some exercise and really enjoyed my time.

One thing I have been struggling with has been my electrolytes. When someone goes on the ketogenic diet, it’s common for them to feel sluggish and otherwise tired. A lot of this is due to the lack of sodium, magnesium, and potassium one will have as a result of going into ketosis. I’ve been struggling to remember to take the electrolytes and sometimes find myself tired for “no reason”. It can take me a moment to remember the most likely reason for this is the lack of electrolytes.

This morning I began the day with some coffee with some lite salt added to it. This combined with a good night’s rest was the solution to some of the energy problems I have been having. Getting the right electrolytes and getting some caffeine in has given me ample energy to tackle the problems that were awaiting me during my vacation.

My first month back on keto has resulted in a decent amount of actual weight loss, more energy, and a clear mind. I am finding myself messing with technology again when, for the past few years, I have struggled with wanting to do even the minimal amount of tinkering with things.

Moving forward, I might start journaling my dieting progress and include it here on the blog to hold myself accountable for my decisions.

Update 8/18/2023: Making some pretty good progress on the weight loss through a combination of bare minimum caloric intake and keeping myself physically active. Weighed in at 289.9 lbs this morning.

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