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A Month in Retrospect: Back on Keto


I made a decision on July 3rd to return back to a ketogenic diet. A bit over a year before the pandemic started I had gotten into a health kick and had managed to lose around 85 lbs. Once COVID started rearing its head, I had fallen off the wagon in more than one way. Upon starting this journey, I was seeing myself at around 315 lbs. I’ll be the first to admit that is the heaviest I have...

New Blog / Infrastructure


Been enjoying some time off from work over the past few days and decided to do both some spring cleaning, and a revamp of my infrastructure. Over the past few years I have been struggling with my physical and mental health in a way that caused me to do things quickly and sometimes not quite correctly. Rather than backing things up from a blog that was only half-finished, I decided to wipe...

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