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My past couple of months have been pretty busy overall. I have been meaning to get back into the swing of things with writing, but my free time has been decreased significantly due to factors outside of my control. Most notably, work seems to take up a large portion of my free time since I am averaging over 50 hours a week consistently.

The company I work for is very generous with how they treat their employees, but we have too much work and not enough people to actually do it. The company is going through a growth spurt to try to keep up, but it’s challenge to both find the right people and onboard them in a way where they can assist.

On top of this, I have an apartment lease that is going to be up soon. Currently talking with the property manager at another set of apartments owned by the same company to transfer over there. The new apartments are much newer compared to the ones we’re living in. A number of our infrastructural challenges will be solved by that move, so I am focusing on setting things up for the swiftest switchover possible.

Pending everything going according to plan, the idea is to be moving into the new apartment around March 15th. Our lease at the old apartment is up at the end of March. With this timing, we will have half a month to get things moved over, get Internet and utilities set up, and clean up the old apartment to ensure minimal amount of work needs to be done to make it presentable to a new tenant.

Moving into the new apartment gives us a bit more room, modern electrical wiring, and a better apartment layout for proper networking. Our infrastructure should function more efficiently in the new apartment since I am able to swap the modem and properly organize everything. Our current Internet plan is owned by a party no longer living at the apartment, and said party has been lazy about getting the account switched over. While I am able to still pay for the Internet, I don’t have access to the login to be able to make changes to the account and switch over to a new modem.

In the time leading up to the moving date, I am going to be putting a bit of focus on making the moving experience a lot easier than it was last time. Some stuff will be boxed up ahead of that date and ready to be taken over. I will also be scheduling a time with Comcast for the install prior to actually moving the stuff so we can have Internet access as soon as we move into the apartment. Ideally, we can get all of the important stuff moved in a single day and I can move over smaller stuff as needed.

While focusing on this, I am also focusing on getting back on track with my health and fitness goals. I’ve been off the keto diet for quite a while now. It’s difficult for me to both transition back to keto while also managing 50-60 hour work weeks. A lot of effort is being put in at work to reduce the burden on our team to give us better work/life balance, so I expect to be able to invest a bit more time in stress reduction and overall wellness.

Figured I would give a status update given I was going to be publishing some articles, but have pretty much been radio silent in 2024. I do plan to get back on track with my writing among other things. I am also planning to start diving into doing some streaming on the side.

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