Update on Keto: September 2023


While we’re in the middle of September 2023, I figured I would give a quick update on how things have been going lately. Since moving into the apartment and getting settled, I have had plenty of time to streamline things within my daily schedule.

Basic Cleaning / Daily Chores

One thing I made a point to implement was a loose schedule on cleaning things up based on the state of things in the apartment. I would say I give myself around 30 minutes a day to do some basic cleaning around the apartment. By doing this, I can ensure that all of the common rooms are kept clean and tidy while also keeping my room in a good state.

I’m still working to get rid of things I do not need while also adding some minor aesthetic improvements to my living space. I’ve hung a new poster and a few different canvas prints in my room. On top of that, I keep my bed clean and tidy so my room is generally inviting.

Laundry is done on a schedule. It’s generally done on Thursdays, though I may change it up depending on what is needed each week. I may find myself going through more clothes in the future as I work on a workout schedule, which might facilitate doing my laundry twice a week moving forward.

Working Out

Earlier this year I made a commitment towards my health that I didn’t completely embrace, but have since then embraced on a regular basis. I opted to continue my AG1 subscription so I can ensure I am getting a lot of the nutrients that I need on a daily basis. By combining it with a daily protein shake, I can make a ritual out of it that I won’t forget even on the weekends.

On July 3rd I made the decision to switch back to a Keto diet. By doing that, I have managed to drop my weight by a considerable amount in a short period of time. I started my weight loss journey at 315 lbs and am currently sitting at 282 as of this morning.

To continue my momentum with the weight loss, I am also starting a weekly workout schedule that gives me 3-4 days of body weight exercises on top of cardio wherever I am able to functionally fit it in. I am using the Fitbod app on my phone to plan out my exercises and am doing them on the days I am either off from work, or working from home. If I have the time and energy, I can also do them on a work day.

It took a while, but I also brought the DDR pad over to the new apartment. I’ll need to put in a little work to make things work better for the pad. One consideration I need to make is finding a better way to make things sturdy. Playing without a bar means jumping around a lot which causes vibrations on the floor. I do have a bar for the pad, but it needs some work to make it significantly more sturdy. This is especially the case at my current weight.

Given the lack of stability with the flooring, I am thinking using a bar will make it better overall as my monitors all start wobbling as I am playing. While I don’t think there is any concern about anything falling off the desk, I do have a network storage device that I need to protect from the vibrations. I have some shock absorbers on the feet of it and am working on using some foam padding to further secure it and protect it from any vibrations.

Once I have all of that figured out, I should be able to quickly set up the DDR pad for play sessions on the weekend. It’ll be a great way to do some quick cardio.

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