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Sickness and a Fast Rebound


On Tuesday, September 19, 2023 I began to experience what I would say was a reduction in energy in the second half of the day that was greater than usual. It was a work-from-home day and I did exercise on that day, so I didn’t think too much of it. The following day (Wednesday), I ended up going to work and had what I think was a rather productive day. Towards the second half of that work...

My Experience With Google Fi


In April of 2015, Google began offering a cell phone plan alongside their own brand of cell phones for those looking for a low-cost alternative to the major carriers. Google leveraged it’s place in the mobile ecosystem as well as their size as a major tech company to create some advantageous deals. In July of 2017 I had gotten sick and tired of Verizon Wireless and wanted something cheaper...

Update on Keto: September 2023


While we’re in the middle of September 2023, I figured I would give a quick update on how things have been going lately. Since moving into the apartment and getting settled, I have had plenty of time to streamline things within my daily schedule. Basic Cleaning / Daily Chores One thing I made a point to implement was a loose schedule on cleaning things up based on the state of things in the...

Settling in a New Apartment


I recently moved into a new apartment with my younger brother. The idea is to be able to split the bills and make things a lot more comfortable. We’re both at a point in our lives where that’s a pretty convenient way to live, and know how to keep things pretty drama-free. Our apartment is an older one, but I personally know some of the people involved in the maintenance at the...

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