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I’ll be open and honest. My year hasn’t gone according to plan thus far. I wanted to try to get a new article written every month, but the company I work for is going through a ton of growing pains resulting in an average of 50-60 hour work weeks. When I add the personal stresses of moving, health issues, and trying to help out some struggling family, that leaves very little free time to even do the basic things.

Right now I am trying to weather the storm that is these growing pains while also focusing on my physical and mental health. Having almost no time to decompress each evening has a tendency to cause more stress the following day which results in a cascading effect that I am trying to nip in the bud.

With that being said, I am hoping by the summer time that a lot of this has been settled and I’ll be back to a normal 40-50 hour work week. Once I am able to reach that point and it remains fairly consistent, I feel comfortable committing to continuing my research and writing.

I am likely going to scrap a lot of what I was working on prior to this massive hiatus. Some of those topics were timely when I was planning them, but are ultimately pointless unless the goal is to do a retrospective. I may consider doing that sometime in the future, but for now I am going to find more time-relevant articles to focus on.

On the bright side, I am successfully back on the Ketogenic diet while also remaining consistent with my weekly exercise routine. In fact, I have increased my Fitbod exercise schedule to four times a week rather than my original three. I feel like I will see some big changes over the next few months both with my general energy levels and with my weight. I know it’s not going to come off all at once, but by both watching what I eat and ensuring I am getting plenty of exercise, I can maintain steady progress on all fronts.

One article I do want to write is to discuss my alcoholism, where I am right now (doing very well), and how much my life has changed since then. It’s an important topic for me and is something I want to write to get a few things off my chest relating to it. Today is day 767 without alcohol for reference. It’s also day 23 back on Keto.

I am hoping by August I will have more free time to get back to my writing and other hobbies. It’s a massive struggle trying to find time for everyone and everything. Truth be told I have had some personal struggles, but am managing to keep it up. I can safely say the past month has been the highest amount of stress I have ever had to endure from a work-life perspective, but it’s something I am somehow managing to navigate, even if there have been days with absolutely no time to decompress at all. It’s not fun working 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM.

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