About Me

I am a twenty-eight year old Internet and rhythm-game addict that cannot seem to stay away from a computer for an extended period of time. When I am not working on new projects, I am either playing games, watching anime, hanging out with friends and family, or watching professional wrestling despite having somewhat of a hatred for poorly thought-out storylines.

Since the early 2000s I have had an obsession with the Internet, building websites, and checking out everything the Internet has to offer. While I still tinker with websites and what-not, most of my work now is focused on either content writing, helping businesses improve traffic to their website, or raising awareness for causes like Net Neutrality.

Digitalcyon is my latest project, although the website is currently in the early design stages. The organization will focus on providing information on different important causes which affect modern technology and humanity. It is my honest belief that we need to preserve the free and open nature of the Internet and ensure that governments around the world are taking steps to help everyone access the Internet freely without preventing them from voicing their concerns and/or opinions.

Favorite Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Favorite Wrestler: Kenny Omega

Favorite Rhythm Game: Beatmania IIDX (7 Dan Player, Proud Non-Safari Refugee… somehow)

Favorite Musician: Devin Townsend