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Since 1999 I have become obsessed about computer, technology, and the world wide web. I began my career in computers early on in high school assisting other students with fixing their computers while also tinkering with my own. These unique opportunities have helped me to establish myself capable of working with all sorts of technologies from a variety of time periods, even when I have no first-hand knowledge of the platforms.

In my professional career I serve as a systems analyst. Most of my job involves extracting data from legacy systems for inclusion in future data sets, research projects, and historical archives to prevent data loss. I work with database technologies ranging from Microsoft SQL Server to InterSystems Caché (and by extension Iris).


Rhythm Games

Back in the early 2000s I was introduced to the Dance Dance Revolution series by a friend of mine who had the first PS2 release. It was the start to an obsession that continues to burn bright to this day. Rhythm games of all shapes and sizes can be found for both the casual and the dedicated hardcore players. I find it interesting to see how different developers integrate rhythmic mechanics into their games and how that impacts the enjoyment people have over different genres.

My favorite rhythm games are ones where the rhythm is the primary component. Games like Beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, and Arcaea are notable ones where the music and the gameplay around it is the main draw. Rhythm games with an extensive and interesting catalog make for the best long-term investments.

The BMS community is a great example of the culture that the rhythm gaming space thrives with, inviting artists and creatives of all types into the fold to produce exceptional music with great visuals and charts. While the BMS genre itself has a tendency to be difficult for beginners to get involved with, it shows that rhythm gaming can bring together a wide variety of musical styles and talents to bring out the best within it.

Puyo Puyo / Puzzle Games

Pretty big fan of traditional puzzle games in general (Tetris, Puyo Puyo, and Panel de Pon for example) and also like non-traditional puzzle games as well. I’ve been playing Panel de Pon for most of my life and consider myself pretty good, though the speedrunners are definitely more competent than I am. While I consider myself also competent at Tetris, I find Puyo Puyo to be the most fun for me. It’s fun to get on there and just mess about, or play through Puyo Puyo Chronicles.

Favorite Games:

  • Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
  • Puyo Puyo Chronicle
  • Pokemon Puzzle League
  • Tetris Effect
  • Tetris Attack
  • Tetrisphere

Hot Take: Tetrisphere is actually a really fun and interesting game. Having a sphere in which you drop tetriminos is an interesting concept, and the different strategies one can develop are interesting enough. I do plan to try to 100% the game on Retro Achievements.

Coffee Brewing

Coffee is something I am fairly passionate about. While I am certainly not the biggest coffee snob, I know what I like. Whether I am brewing it in my V60, my AeroPress, or even through my new Bonavita, I am starting my morning with a cup of coffee.

On the blog I’ll probably discuss my coffee journey here and there. I am quite pleased with the quality of the coffee beans produced by the local roaster here, but I am also looking to do some reviews on coffee that can be purchased online (provided it can be acquired close to the roasting date).

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