Thoughts on Goals in 2023

Since we're at the end of the year it makes sense to both reflect on the past year and figure out what my objectives are for 2023. As I become older (and hopefully wiser), I have begun to see the importance of actually setting objectives even if they might not work out entirely as planned. Having some form of planning gives me something to work towards which gives me a bit more purpose.

Getting Back to Driving

Driving has always been something that has only been a passive interest for me. While the appeal of freedom is quite enticing, it's also an incurred cost that I could do without. I have always viewed it from a utility standpoint, trying to figure out whether having a car would actually be a net benefit, or a hindrance towards me. It has always boiled down to where I am at in my life and whether or not I have an alternative.

Next year I intend to identify an affordable vehicle that is both safe and reliable. I'll mostly be using it as a way to get to and from work since I can already get most of what I need delivered. However, the clear challenge is going to be getting over my anxiety and fear when it comes to driving.

A few years back I was in an accident which absolutely crushed my confidence in driving. On a Sunday morning I had someone pull out right in front of me out of nowhere, and slamming on the breaks wasn't enough to stop the collision. I was already wary of driving at this point, and the accident both totally the car and installed a new fear of driving into my mind. Since then, I have only driven on the road a handful of times.

To achieve this goal in 2023 I am both working on the financial aspect by tightening my budget up a bit, which shouldn't be a problem, and am also working towards getting more comfortable with the concept of driving. One idea would be for me to go ahead and take another driving class. It would help me regain that confidence, though my greatest challenge right now is finding a vehicle to drive.

I'm more comfortable in a smaller vehicle as larger vehicles feel bulky and daunting to me. Unfortunately, every vehicle I have access to for practice is too large for me to feel comfortable driving. As a result, I might not be able to get back in the swing of things without getting a vehicle to start with. With that in mind, partaking in a driver's education course could be a great opportunity for me to get more driving experience without having to make the decision on a purchase quite yet.

Getting back on the road is certainly my first step towards rebuilding and strengthening my self-confidence in 2023.

Reach 240 Pounds

The pandemic hasn't been that nice to me. At my worst, I weighed in at 305 pounds. While I had tried here and there to get back into a Keto diet and to try fasting, stress and anxiety would always get the better of me.

Over the past few months I have focused on myself. During this time I found healthy ways to deal with that anxiety and have found some great methods for reducing my stress overall. My work has become manageable, and when I run into issues I always have someone to fall back on. As a result, I am finding things a lot more manageable now, and have managed so far to remain on Keto since the end of November.

As I write this, I am at around 288 pounds. While I have some strong aspirations for weight loss in 2023, I am aiming to reach 240 pounds to account for some stalling and short breaks from being calorie conscious whenever necessary. However, I am committed to being 100% Keto for the entirety of 2023. In addition to that, I have decided to retain a Keto diet as my default diet for the future.

Depending on the progress I make over the first three months, I may opt to update this goal to be a bit more aggressive as three months might be a better gauge for what I can expect. This also takes into account that as my weight decreases, my weight loss progress will be more difficult to maintain.

24 Deep-Dive Articles

Over the course of 2023 I am aiming to release 24 different deep-dive articles on a variety of topics. I am currently working on the first one focusing on the recent developments on Twitter and the involvement of Elon Musk. Outside of that topic, I am currently exploring other interesting current events or topics that I would find enthralling to research and cover on my blog.

I want to improve my ability to cover a topic in-depth without overwhelming the reader. Even in this blog I feel there are times where I am overtly verbose. It's something I want to improve over the course of the next year.

Other Minor Things

On top of getting back on the road, I want to work on my self-reliance. While I appreciate my friends and family for what they do for me, I want to be able to provide everything by myself without any assistance. Some of those aspects might take longer than a year to achieve, but I am going to do everything I can to improve upon this.

I am also working on improving my knowledge and skillset in general when it comes to Python and data processing. Since I work with data in my job, it is becoming increasingly important for me to expand my knowledge on a variety of topics relating to SQL, processing data, and database administration in general.

One other thing I want to make progress with in 2023 is my rhythm gaming. I am reaching a point with my physical and mental health where I feel like I am able to play seriously again. As a result, I am going to invest more time into both diving into SDVX while also making the switch to actually playing BMS songs with an IIDX controller.

I'm also aiming to start streaming here and there, but until I am comfortable with it, I don't want to put together some sort of streaming schedule. Part of the issue arises from the lack of free time I have when I need to commute to work. On days when I need to be in the office, nearly 13 hours of my day is dictated by work. That's nine hours in-office and four hours getting to and from work since I cannot drive myself there. Getting my own vehicle and becoming comfortable with the route would cut that by around 2 hours.