Return to Keto / Dieting

Back prior to the pandemic I had done a pretty good job with losing weight. It started with some health concerns and was followed by some drastic dietary changes to see if those health concerns would go away. For roughly three weeks I had done a Keto diet without actually knowing what Keto was. Once I started to understand it, I really dug into it.

For a period of my life my health was improving, my self-image was at an all-time high, and things were going well.

Roughly six months before the start of the pandemic I made a decision to take a break from the diet and allow myself to enjoy some of the simple things. Then the pandemic hit and a lot of my healthy options were becoming increasingly difficult. I was also let go from my job almost a decade into it.

All of these elements together had a substantial negative impact on my self-esteem and my weight. By the start of 2022 I had found myself at nearly 300 lbs, and eventually reached a weight of 305 as I reached a crossroads in my life.

Through most of 2022 I had been dealing with some demons and had managed to get my life back on track in a number of ways including significantly increasing my job performance and focusing on building a new set of skills that can carry me further into a career working in data.

Over the past few months I have been fighting myself on getting back into Keto. The usual cycle was to do it for a few days, but to start eating unhealthy again due to the combined stress of the carb cravings on top of a job that has become increasingly stressful due to the workload ramping up out of nowhere.

Towards the end of November a lot had started to calm down, and I was starting to see the light in a number of ways. My workload has become much more manageable, I am starting to build more confidence in myself, and I have been directly confronting some of the things that have plagued my mental health over the past few years.

Right at the end of the November I made the hard switch back to Keto and have been managing to stick with it rather than falling back to the gluttonous carb-heavy snacks that I was burying myself in previously. We are now on the 7th of December and I have not only stuck with the diet, but am now tracking each and every single calorie to have full control over what I consume.

Returning to the Keto diet has already given me some pretty neat gains. It's given me a sense of self-worth, has already produced some results in terms of weight loss (though some of that is the loss of water weight), and has given me a lot of extra energy to put into each of my days.

It made me realize that a large part of what drove me into a depressive rut was the food that I was eating. As I get older, I am starting to realize that my metabolism has gotten lazy. I can feel the effects of the food I eat.

My current diet is focused on getting protein from healthy sources, using a high-quality supplement to help fill in the holes in my diet, and use fat to give myself both an energy boost and satiety. I am focusing on getting the right electrolytes and hitting the right macros for both ample weight loss and ensuring that I can remain on task during the day while still having enough energy in the evenings to actually get things done.

I began this journey at around 300 lbs, and I am focused on trying to bring myself down to 240 pounds by the end of 2023. I feel, given how things have gone in the past, that this goal will be achievable provided that I stick to the diet and also begin incorporating exercise into the mix as I begin to lift some of this weight off my bones. As I lose weight it will become easier to increase my workouts and will allow for me to get myself back into shape.

To keep myself on task, I am planning to give a monthly status update on this blog to detail some of the challenges, changes, and accomplishments I have achieved through the Keto diet and all of the other little things I have decided to dedicate my time towards.