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Back at the tail end of March we had a hail storm come through the area that resulted in damage to my Ford Escape. As a result, I have been dealing with the insurance company with getting a quote. It was quite clear from my dealings with the insurance company, the company giving the estimate, and now the company scheduling the repair of my vehicle that thousands of people were affected by this. As a result, it looks like it’s going to be a while before I can get my car repaired.

To give a quick timeline on things, this even transpired in March 31st. On April 7th I was notified that a company had been assigned to deliver an estimate on the damage of the car. It was on April 13th that someone finally made it over to take a look. It took yet another week (approximately April 20th) for me to actually get the quote so I can then find a body shop willing to take on the work. However, by the time I could schedule something, it seems others have had me beat for a while.

My tentative schedule for getting the car repaired is sometime in September. However, it’s taking them a while to get me an exact date and timeline for the vehicle repair. It’s pretty fair for it to take some time since it’s a smaller repair shop. I chose this one due to their reputation and the longevity of the business, ensuring that I am going to get the right repair done by someone that has been doing this for a long time.

Damage to my car was pretty much cosmetic. The hail put a lot of tiny dents all over the roof and the hood of the car with some scratches on the sides. Otherwise, nothing else was damaged. It drives just fine.

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