New Laptop + Infrastructure Changes

Due to the death of my Lenovo Y560 a couple of weeks ago I have been looking into putting together a new desktop or getting a dedicated work laptop. While I was originally largely leaning towards either buying or building a desktop, a recent development led to me essentially spending $250 of my own money […]

The Early Access Excuse

One of the most common criticisms I have seen online with reviews about early access games is people that essentially state you shouldn’t ever deliver a negative review for a game that is in early access simply because it is in early access. I’ve seen it countless times to the point where I am actually […]

Continuing This Blog

The past few months have been rather rough in terms of free time and being able to plan anything out. In addition to this, I have been struggling with trying to find time with sleep, thus when I do end up having some free time, I am more often than not just wasting time to […]