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The past few months have been rather rough in terms of free time and being able to plan anything out. In addition to this, I have been struggling with trying to find time with sleep, thus when I do end up having some free time, I am more often than not just wasting time to trying to lay down in my bed. The past few years have been difficult in terms of trying to sleep since some times of the year are rougher than others.

I’ve been through a number of different revisions of this blog since I haven’t really had enough time to try to design something that is aesthetically pleasing to me, but I feel like I at least need to make an effort to document my thoughts here if, for no other reason, to ensure that I don’t get rusty in my writing. It will be my goal to publish something on this blog once a day even if what I am posting isn’t great.

While I have been really wanting to move over to Ghost, a recent attempt to move over found that every single theme I had wanted to use was broken, and I didn’t want to invest in the time to fix a theme only for another update to break it. While I can certainly appreciate what they are trying to do with the platform, it is frustrating when the only theme I can actually use is the default one. The default theme, in my opinion, is not that great.

On this blog I will be posting about a few things here and there. Whether it be about the anime I am currently watching, the games I am playing, professional wrestling, projects I am working on, or whatever else comes to mind, I will try to keep this more up-to-date for anyone that is curious, or as a way for me to look back at the end of the year.

The Death of the Lenovo Y560

In 2010 I had picked up a Lenovo Y560 laptop which had quickly become one of my favorite machines. This was during a time when I was actually still living with my parents; I didn’t move out onto my own until 2012 I believe. I could be wrong on my times, but I remember moving back to Indiana in around 2015, therefore I moved down to Florida in 2013. That laptop went through a surprising amount of travel, having to put up with trying to run games like Diablo III and Path of Exile, as well as two screen replacements.

One of the things I liked about the laptop was the sheer aesthetic of it. The triangle patterns on the back were neat and the laptop itself felt pretty stable, at least up until I had to replace the screen back in 2013 for the first time. It was a nice little laptop with an i7 in it and a decent graphics card that could handle lightweight games. It even ran Diablo III at a decent frame rate on the lowest settings, but I did struggle to play Path of Exile in the end game.

The only thing I am going to really be able to salvage from it is the solid state drive since I am not going to need any of the other parts out of the machine. I am going to keep it around in case I decide to tinker with it, but given that graphical issues that cause it to crash multiple times a day, I am thinking the graphics chip itself is failing which would be really difficult to replace. While I could send it somewhere to get that chip replaced, I cannot really justify the cost.

Right now I currently have three computers. I have my desktop machine which I built back in 2013. It still holds up today with the 3770k and the GTX 980 inside of it. I can play most of my games without issue, although Path of Exile fairly recently started to make Windows 7 notify me that it was running out of resources (despite task manager clearly telling a different story).

I do most of my work from the Dell E6430 I have sitting in my room. My room essentially exists as my office, although it has become a mess since that’s where I will throw random boxes that I don’t want cluttering up elsewhere in the house. I also have an old HP laptop that I had gotten from an aunt that I threw a very cheap SSD into; it works fairly well. While not great for gaming, it can handle media just fine and could be used as a spare reference tool for tabletop or something like that.

I don’t believe I will be directly replacing it any time soon. I much prefer to have a desktop computer for heavier tasks since they are meant for that, and most of what I would do on that laptop would be gaming when I am out and away from the house. Right now, my method would be taking the main desktop, but I need to replace the case. When I moved back from Florida, I took a gamble and shipped the case back in its original box. It arrived in working condition with the case taking some minor damage. The damage is enough that it is causing the case to come apart in the front, but it is still completely functional if I am not intending to take it anywhere.

The Lenovo Y560 has been EOL for quite a while now and is no longer featured on the Lenovo website. Perhaps it was about time for me to wish it goodbye, although I am most certainly going to miss the machine.

Rhythm Gaming

One of the things I want to work on rather hard this year is improving my rhythm gaming skills. I’ve been having a lot of fun over the past six months or so really trying to push myself in Lunatic Rave 2. I am planning to also get back into playing 4-key in StepMania, especially since other users in IRC have been playing quite a bit lately.

Near the tail end of 2017 I had acquired a copy of DJMax Respect for the PS4 which I will definitely want to continue playing, although I am not used to the control style which really seems to hurt my hands after just a couple of rounds of playing the game. While I have found some alternatives in the form of controller-to-keyboard converters, I feel it would not be a legitimate experience if I do not use the PS4 controller to play. I will try playing some more, but will consider getting an adapter in the future if I am not able to make it work.

Specifically in regards to LR2, I have been trying to get through 8 DAN in IIDX charts. Gigadelic’s hyper chart is a wonder to behold in managing to be a completely approachable song for that level of difficulty, but to also be difficult enough that I am struggling to survive the song at the end of the DAN course. The repeating 7-6-7-6-7-6-7 pattern is killing me; I cannot manage to hit that pattern while trying to take care of everything else.

Despite this, I have managed to clear around 18 different 11-difficulty charts. I am hoping sometime in January I can get the 8 DAN pass; the 9 DAN course looks like it is going to be hilariously difficult compared to other challenges I have overcome.

One of the factors which might be limiting my success is the fact that I have yet to convert over to playing on the Dao that I purchased. I am finding it hard to hit the turn table, and as a result my performance suffers greatly when trying to play on a controller. If I can revamp my style to use the turntable, I can probably start to significantly improve as a player and perhaps end this year with approaching a 10 DAN clear, but I am not really holding my breath.

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