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Random Thoughts on Privacy

Lately I have been doing a lot to reflect upon my current daily life both during work hours and after them. Since I have a hard time waking up in the morning, there is not really a “before work” period, but moreso a “right before work” period, so most of my focus is on what I do and where I do it during work hours and afterwards.

My current setup involves having a computer desk both in the living room and in my bedroom enabling me to switch between two different locations. I have a gaming desktop in the living room as well as a laptop out there being used for an IRC bot right now (leverbot). My work laptop is set up in my room giving me a dedicated working environment where I can focus on work-related activities or studies without being bothered.

I am a semi-private person. By this I mean I do divulge some interesting details about myself, but I like having my privacy in terms of what I am actively doing. For example, if I am playing a game, I don’t like being bothered during that time with a few exceptions. For example, I don’t mind being bugged about the game itself such as someone asking me a question, wanting to join, or something else along those lines. I also don’t mind people talking to me when I am playing games when we’re hanging out, but there are times when I am wanting to play a game alone and having people bother me during that time does have a tendency to ruin the experience.

To rectify those times when I want some privacy, I am putting a solid state drive back into my other laptop that is currently not in use. Earlier this year I opted to give my brother the SSD drive out of that laptop since I wasn’t actively using it and he had a need for it. As a result, I don’t have a laptop capable of playing even basic games since the Dell computer I work on has Intel integrated graphics which don’t work well for a lot of games. Some very basic ones like older games or games that are made for low-spec systems will be fine, but games like Path of Exile or even osu! are pretty much pointless.

By investing in another solid state drive, I will be able to swap out the laptops after work hours to relax and play games in the privacy of my room. I’ll probably do this in cases where I am playing games online with other people where I may want to use voice communication or in cases where I think someone might be showing up at the house that I would rather not impede upon the enjoyment of gaming. For example, my roommate’s father will show up unannounced to play with the dog and have a conversation. This could be a 1-2 hour visit, and during that time I am usually wanting to play games.

This will allow me to play games from my room and not be disturbed by uninvited guests to the house. I can also have that laptop running to the side if I need another machine to be running some stuff on during work hours, which is something I generally remote into my desktop for.

My close friends and family know the types of things I am interested in. I don’t really hide my interests from anyone. Most people I know will know that I am a fan of Professional Wrestling, Anime, and other things. I don’t really hide it, though it is not something that generally comes up nor do I bring that type of stuff up all of the time (though my roommate will give me shit about how much I espouse wrestling around here).

I essentially just want privacy in my daily life rather than about the details of my life. I am not private in the sense that I hide a lot of things and moreso that I want times where I have time to myself.

New Infrastructure Again

While it seems I cannot simply make up my mind on how things are set up, this is likely the last time I mess around with things. Would’ve backed up the blog, but didn’t feel like doing a full back up for 4 posts. I also want to rewrote what I had previously written with more thought and planning put into it. Expect an overhaul of this blog today and some more stuff coming back online. I gave up and am using cPanel to control everything.