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I am quite the fan of Path of Exile and will probably discuss my current progress, builds, and other things on my blog.

Path of Exile 3.0.0 Patch Notes

GGG has published the 3.0.0 patch notes on their website detailing changes made for the release of their latest expansion. This new expansion stops the cycle of completing the game three times per character and moves it to 10 acts each played through once on each character.

Click here to view the patch notes.

While to some extent I will miss going through the harder versions of acts one through four, this will make the process of leveling a new character less tedious overall. No longer will there be Cruel and Merciless difficulties.

It is particularly nice that they are implementing a skill tree planning feature to help remind you of what skills you were planning to pick up as you gain skill points. It is a nightmare if you pick the wrong skills, sometimes forcing you to spend currency to undo the mistaken node choice. This is something that will definitely help me during build planning and is a welcome addition to a lot of recent QoS improvements they have made over the past couple of years.

I will admit the reaction from the community over the patch notes has been particularly negative. I don’t know if I entirely understand the points being made, but a lot of people feel that GGG is removing the fun out of the game by nerfing weaker builds and not raising the power of builds that are never used due to their lack of viability compared to many other builds. Most notably changes have been made regarding energy shield and the Vaal Pact node.

I’m not going to go through each change as I don’t really understand the current meta nor do I understand how each of the changes are going to affect the game. Going forward, I am going to try to learn more about the game since I have an interest in learning how to play efficiently and actually finish all of the endgame challenges.