About Me

Since the turn of the millennium I have been wandering around the Internet moving from point of interest to point of interest. I was once an active user of the MediaDriven and SurrealChat IRC networks, but have recently made my home on the United Collective of Systems and Networks, primarily on the IRC server of Digibase Operations. At UCSN I am one of the founding members under the HyperSector organization and am an active member of Digibase Operations as the Head of Technical Services.

If you’re coming to this website, you were either linked to some sort of resource or you were a little curious as to who I am. This blog contains personal thoughts and beliefs regarding online communications, internet activism, free speech, and online privacy. I also dabble into other areas including video games, professional wrestling, and anime.

I have a few personal projects I may also write about including my turn-based IRC RPG which is currently in early alpha and my Leverbot IRC bot which enables IRC users to pull a lever and receive a random result.