Daily Articles / Thoughts

One of my latest efforts to improve myself is to start posting daily articles here on my blog. I believe I have found a great way to ensure there is always something new here. The idea is to write about something every day. One day a week I will begin planning out a week of […]

Stop and Smell the Roses

The past couple of months have started to tell me that I need to slow down and just think about things. I’ve had a number of issues brought to me through my line of work where the solution is one that they themselves were perfectly capable of figuring out quite quickly, but their inability to […]

Dear Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, When I uninstall a “Windows App” from my computer, it is to remain uninstalled. I am setting aside $500 to donate to Child’s Play charity. Every single time I uninstall a built-in app when I reinstall an OS this year and you reinstall it without my permission, I will reduce that donate by […]

New Laptop + Infrastructure Changes

Due to the death of my Lenovo Y560 a couple of weeks ago I have been looking into putting together a new desktop or getting a dedicated work laptop. While I was originally largely leaning towards either buying or building a desktop, a recent development led to me essentially spending $250 of my own money […]

The Early Access Excuse

One of the most common criticisms I have seen online with reviews about early access games is people that essentially state you shouldn’t ever deliver a negative review for a game that is in early access simply because it is in early access. I’ve seen it countless times to the point where I am actually […]

Focus on Positivity

Over the past couple of years I have been noticing a trend towards negativity in my daily life. While generally I have a positive view on my life and the world around me, I cannot help but focus on the negativity I perceived in the world. For example, there is a lot of drama surrounding […]

Continuing This Blog

The past few months have been rather rough in terms of free time and being able to plan anything out. In addition to this, I have been struggling with trying to find time with sleep, thus when I do end up having some free time, I am more often than not just wasting time to […]